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The Nomad B Soundbag Dashboard is precision machined out of a single block of 6061 aluminium to be lightweight and strong. It is then finished with a black or blue anodizing to give it a sleek look and to help protect the aluminum.

The Nomad B Soundbag Dashboard holds 3 dual channel slot mount receivers to your Zaxcom mixer/recorder. It also features extra spacing between the dashboard openings to accommodate up to 3 SRB-5p model receivers. 

We've also added slots between the receivers to help with wiring for antenna distribution systems. 

As with all of the Soundbag Dashboards, it uses pre-existing mounting points on the mixer to secure it firmly in place.

The Nomad B ships with 12 speciality screws to secure the Lectrosonics SR receivers to the Soundbag Dashboard.

Weight: 173 grams

4 cm x 31 cm

Prices are in USD.

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