Assembly Information for the Modular Soundbag Dashboard System

Assembling your Soundbag Dashboard Modular System is simple. 

First, ensure all the set screws are unscrewed enough to allow full access to the open section of the Rail.

Next, slide your chosen Brackets onto the Rail in whatever direction you need. Try putting them in horizontally or vertically!  With the Soundbag Dashboard Modular System, you can choose which setup suits you best. Once you have the Brackets where you like them, simply tighten the set screws. 

Tip- Once you have your system in the perfect setup, consider adding a dab of medium "Lock-Tight" to ensure that your pieces stay securely in place. 

If you decide to change or replace your receivers, mixer or BDS, you can simply reverse the set screws and rearrange as needed. All our rails and brackets are interchangeable and can be used together in any variation. 

If you need any further assistance with your setup, please reach out to us on Social Media or via email at!