About Us

My name is Simon Paine and I'm a freelance Production Sound Mixer based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

Like many Sound Mixers out there, I've been trying to put together the "perfect" sound bag for many years.

My goals have always been pretty simple:

  • It has to be lightweight to ensure I can work comfortably for the long hours that TV/Film production demands.
  • It has to be well laid out so I can easily read the displays and make the adjustments necessary to the various pieces of gear.
  • It has to be rugged enough to endure all the different conditions we encounter while working.
  • It has to look good to help ensure my professional image while on set.

Over the years I've tried all sorts of different bags in combination with the various portable audio equipment that we use and for the most part I've been happy with the designs that exist. But what I found lacking was a way to easily get all the pieces of gear together to keep everything tight and organized inside my sound bag. With all the different possible combinations of mixers, receivers, power distribution and audio bags; trying to find a "one-size fits all" solution would be impossible. So that's when I decided to try and come up with my own solution.

After brainstorming and prototyping several different designs over the course of the last year, I finally came up with the Soundbag Dashboard.

Each Soundbag Dashboard design is made to fit a specific mixer and hold specific receiver models and power distro units, for a truly custom fit.

We are making as many different models as possible to try and come up with a combination that works with the specific audio equipment you are using in your sound bag. As a production sound mixer myself, I understand that once we find the audio gear we are happy with, you don't want to have to choose a different piece of gear to fit in to a specific bag or case. So This means making low production runs of lots of different Soundbag Dashboards to try and make sure there is a model with the right combination to suit everyones own idea of the perfect production sound bag, using the gear you like to work with.

Right now we have four models to choose from that fit the popular Sound Devices 633 and 664 portable audio mixers and fitting the popular 2 channel Lectrosonic SRB receivers and 2 models that fit the Remote Audio RM remote power switch and voltage meter.

But I'm not stopping there. Check back at the store over the next few weeks as I release new Soundbag Dashboards for the Sounddevices 788T recorder/mixer, the Zaxcom Nomad and Maxx as well as new models to fit Wysicom wireless receivers. Plus we have a few other models in the works that will incorporate some of the other popular production audio gear used by todays professional Production Sound Mixers.

I hope you find a model that suits your ideal sound bag setup. But if there is something you'd like to see added to our lineup please be in touch and I'll see what we can do to get a Soundbag Dashboard for you.