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$160.00 USD $185.00 USD

Designed to fit the Zaxcom Nomad, it holds 3 dual channel slot mount receivers (Lectrosonics SR or Wisycom MCR 42) to your Zaxcom Nomad mixer and also your choice of DC power distribution unit (Remote Audio RM, Battery Bud {version 1 or 2}, Audio Root VM models or Audio Root BG-DHmkII).

The Soundbag Dashboard is precision machined out of a single block of 6061 aluminium to be lightweight and strong. It is then finished with a black or blue anodizing to give it a sleek look and to help protect the aluminum.

As with all Soundbag Dashboards, it uses pre-existing mounting points on the Nomad mixer to secure it firmly in place.

The Nomad Dashboard ships with 12 screws to secure the Lectrosonics SR receivers to the Soundbag Dashboard.

The Nomad Soundbag Dashboard measures 33cms wide and weights 193 grams.

Prices are in USD.

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