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$185.00 USD

The 788 has been designed to accept Wisycom slot mount receivers as well as Lectrosonics SR receivers.

The Soundbag Dashboard is precision machined out of a single block of 6061 aluminium to be lightweight and strong. It's then finished with a black or clear anodizing to give it a sleek look and help protect the aluminum.

The 788 dashboard holds 4 dual channel slot mount receivers (electro SR or Wisycom) to your Sound Devices 788T recorder/mixer and also your choice of DC power distribution unit (Remote Audio RM, Battery Bud {version 1&2}, Audio Root VM models or Audio Root BG-DHmkII).

We paid special attention to make sure the dashboard does not interfere with the rotary dial on the sides of the 788T recorder/mixer.

As with all Soundbag Dashboards, it uses pre-existing mounting points on the recorder/mixer to secure it firmly in place.

375 grams  7.5cm x 24cm

(Bag, mixer, receivers not included)

All prices are listed in US dollars.